Creativity Is Important For Our Future

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Creativity is no longer being looked upon as simply a thing that ‘right-brained’ people hold. It is seen as a driving force that is needed in America so the society as a whole can prosper and the country can continue to compete globally on the economic level. While participants in the debate about creativity in education agree about the notion that creativity is vital to future societal growth, they disagree about in what ways creativity is important, how creativity should be introduced in college, and how much emphasis it should hold.
Some say creativity is dying. Some say creativity is a thriving force that simply needs to be highlighted. However, majority say that creativity is needed. This need is due to the desire to stay innovated and distinguished from other countries in the world. For example, Richard Florida said, “Creativity at once is our most precious resource”. This shows how detrimental to our future Florida believes creativity is. However, people that share the beliefs of John Calhoun would see that creativity is important as an accessory to the science and math courses taught at colleges (Calhoun). Nevertheless, creativity is seen as a vital resource for the young adults of America because this type of intuitive thinking is seen as a necessity for future innovation. Therefore, in order to stay a global power, people are realizing that creativity, the art of thinking outside the box, should be taught in college education.
However, after the conclusion that

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