Crime : Crime And Crime

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In the United States, it has been determined that a crime is committed every second a day. Given the data by the FBI’s crime clock, a violent crime such include murder, robbery, rape and assaults occurs every 23.9 Seconds in the United State. Property crime including burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft every 3.4 seconds a day. 55% of Americans say crime is an extremely or very serious problem in the U.S. Another 38% view the U.S. crime problem as moderately serious, while one in 20 consider it not serious. Crime has increase in some states and decreased in some. According to a Washington post by Volokh indicates that violent crime went up by 1.7 percent, with murder going up by 6.2 percent and rape going up by 1.1 percent or 9.6 percent, depending on the definition that is used. Considering the increase of crime rates raising when investigators or police are trying to collect evidence they need to use the criminal investigation process. During the process they need a search warrants and arrest warrants to complete the process which is a key part of criminal investigation. In this paper will address what Criminal Investigation is, how four parts of process apply to search and arrest warrant, and also how the fourth amendment ties to criminal investigation.
Criminal investigation is an investigation refer to the process of collecting information in order to reach some goal. Criminal investigation is also referred to the process of collecting information or

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