Criminal Crime And The Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Profiler/Psychologist’s are people in the Criminal Justice System that create psychological profiles of criminals in order to identify behavioral patterns, in efforts to help officers narrow down their searches to people who fit that particular description. Profiler’s examine crime scenes, analyze evidence, read reports from investigators, write reports, and interview witnesses and victims in order to collect information. They may work for local, state, or federal law enforcement. Profilers are responsible for looking at a number of different factors when establishing a detailed profile on a criminal such as; the fashion in which crimes were committed, the location of the crime, the choices that the victim has made, the types and timing of crimes, communications from the suspect, and the condition of the crime scenes. In addition to those things profilers look at influences like race, age, residence and emotional and mental state in order to define a suspect’s certain characteristics.
Still unique to the philosophy of law, criminal profiling has been confirmed of being able to open new doors to the study of the criminal mind. It is very easy to argue the progress of forensic psychology, some people believe that it is not helpful and some people will swear by it. While many people praise the FBI 's Behavioral Sciences Unit with the improvement of criminal profiling, the actual act of getting inside a criminal 's mind began hundreds of years ago. It has not only

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