Criminal Law And The Criminal Justice System

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Being charged with a crime is one thing, but the defense you choose is an entirely different ball game. “In the field of criminal law, there are variations of situations that will tend to contradict elements of a crime, known as a defense”. When someone is charged with a crime the kind of defense that they choose could in the end determine their destiny with the case. The criminal defense a person chooses to use will depend on the crime they are charged with and the evidence they have at their disposal. “Whether a person has a federal criminal attorney, a state criminal attorney, or a public defender, a defense strategy should always be discussed before they enter the court room”. There is a variety of defenses that exist in our criminal justice system. In this essay I will be taking a close look at two different cases that have pleaded two different types of criminal defenses. I will take a look at the nature and types of defenses used in the cases and what evidence was used to help demonstrate that defense. I will also describe how justification and excuse played a role in the cases and lastly I will be describing the outcome of each case. The first case that I will be discussing will be the Kenneth Parks case. In this case the defendant pleaded the sleepwalking defense. Kenneth Parks was a married 23 year old man, married with one new born. Parks had a very close relationship with his in-laws. His wifes mother use to refer to him as a “gentle giant.” The summer before
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