Criminal Law And Its Effect On Society

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The start of a criminal punishment started in the Code of Hammurabi then followed by common law. Common law no longer functions in the definition of crime and how they could only be committed in a certain way. The criminal law was created to fit into the modern definition of crimes and the new understanding of criminal acts. Criminal law is to punish criminal and deter crime that goes against norm social behavior. The law breaking has potential punishment which its purpose is to keep orderly functioning society. Criminal laws only works if it is enforced some areas are stricter than others. The guarantee of punishment will stop offenders or first time offender from ever committing a crime again. I don’t believe the law is too restrictive; the law is design to work with society social norm. The law could be harsher in the area where is more heavily enforcing like the difference in Texas and Colorado with substance use of marijuana. Criminal laws are needed to keep control of society and if punishable by law anybody can be charge. The strict laws depending in the region and location could be different factor that contribute to it like race, drugs, customs and politics.

2B. In history and gender roles males commit the most crimes and females not as known to break the law. Women were submissive to males and society and by religion. Over the course more freedom and different culture woman started to commit

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