Critical Thinking : Project Management

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Critical Thinking 1 The purpose of this Critical Thinking assignment is to provide a high-level familiarization with the various terms and concepts that surround project management. A student lacking previous exposure may find even the introduction from the course book a little daunting. With a little Internet browsing the student is exposed to a wide variety of project management topics and will develop more of a comfort level with the field. The first section of the paper has the student perform a wide ranging search on specific phrases relating to project management. This serves to show how massive the body of knowledge on the topic. Due to the various search engines algorithms the student will be guided towards the most popular or common sites. These sites are more likely to have a broad coverage of the subject and provide an accessible entry points. The next part of the assignment has the student choose three particular sites that provide information on one of the search terms. This funnels the student’s interest towards a subset of the sites rather than allowing them to simply skim. The student is to provide an overview of each site, as well as the Project Management Institute’s site, which necessitates a deeper dive and understanding of the subject matter. Using multiple sources helps with understanding as each one will most likely come at the material from a different angle and offer a slightly different perspective. The final part of the assignment leads
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