Critique Of The Book Of Eli

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The Book of Eli
Superbly written and astonishing storytelling!
At first, I thought the Book of Eli is just another ferocious film featuring what life would have been after the judgement day. But beyond the blood-sputtered scenes and vulgar language, viewers will appreciate the simplicity of the story and the complexity and profoundness of its nature and form. The film features a compelling story based on the Christian bible which for me exceeded majority of some motion pictures released in the past years.
Denzel Washington, an Oscar winner and a self -professed Christian, was able to portray his character with so much sincerity and profoundness of depth and emotion. In a world of chaos where violence and desire for survival prevails, Eli was given an important
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But for me, the rating was unnecessary because it only depicts the reality of life in a post-apocalyptic world. Directors and scriptwriters definitely didn’t hold back on the violence by showing the bits and pieces of the evil world. There are scenes where women are taken advantage of by cold-blooded gangs. Face-to-Face warfare and weapons fighting also became a norm throughout the movie.
The Book of Eli is a well-built story about a strong-minded man who will do anything and everything just to follow and obey the will of the Lord. However, the cruelty and explicit language used is inappropriate for families. Anyway, I believe it is really meant for adult audiences so maybe in the near future the director would consider releasing the same quality movie that will reach the masses.
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