Cross Cultural Communication Important For Businesses

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In this report, I will justify, why is cross cultural communication important for businesses in the 21st century. Cross cultural communication is a very important factor for businesses in these days because of the rapid economic development hence globalisation.
Therefore, knowledge and understanding of a cultural diversity are a must especially for businesses operated worldwide to correctly react to body language, symbols, gestures or situations that can be easily misunderstood due to cultural differences and can lead to the unsuccessful transactions, contracts or a business as a whole, for example, Americans or British use the gesture 'thumb up ' to express that everything going well, while in Bangladesh it means rude or awful. Living or doing a business in different country does not only mean knowing their food, music or clothing, but mainly to understand their beliefs and values, as these are usually hidden deeply beneath the surface, even though we may find some habits or beliefs in the different country 's culture to be same or very similar to ours.
In my opinion, it is very difficult to talk about cultural differences without making statements or likelihood, hence generalisations, which can help to describe how people from one culture usually behave and react in a particular situation. However, even though generalisation can help to learn and understand different cultures around the world, it can lead to a negative stereotyping, miscommunication and conflicts.
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