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CLP Power HK Limited is one of the two power suppliers in Hong Kong. It established in 1901 which has over a century experience for providing power and serving to Hong Kong people. The 3 categories of CLP business are electricity generation by using renewables, natural gas and coal, electricity transmission and electricity supply to over 5.5 million people in its supply area. The CLP is successfully expanding the business developments into Chinese Mainland, Australia, India, Southeast Asia and Taiwan; it has become one of the leading power companies across Asia now. The CLP obtains its philosophy of customer-oriented for providing highly reliable electricity to customers by world-class power supply in Hong Kong. The mission of CLP is to …show more content…

The CLP Volunteers has expanded to over 600 members now; the members are including employees and their families. The team serves the area ranges from helping the elderly, disabled, new immigrants and young people. To compare with the rival HK Electric, it also has volunteers team; however, the volunteering culture is shorter because it established in 2004 and the team is formed by the employees, not employees and their families. Therefore, the CLP is successful in caring employee families and helping the employees to develop on their social responsibilities rather than just focusing on their individual works.

The CLP is an energy organization; therefore, caring for the environment is an essential part in CLP’s corporate values. The company is not only contributing to the preservation of nature and environmental development, it also committed to promote the environmental education by increasing the awareness on energy conservation and encouraging the stakeholders to care for the environment. For instance, “Young Power” is a youth leadership programme, aims to promote environmental awareness and social responsibility through activity-based learning; “Tree planting” and “Tree recycling” programmes are aim to preserve and care the environment to community. Whereas, the HK Electric is mainly

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