Essay on Cuisines and Cultures from Columbia and Ecuador

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Families have food and drink recipes created and passed down from generation to generation. Some families are known for their specialty dishes. Countries are no different as they have special items that they grow and export. There are menu items that represent the self-image and identity of the country. Cultural traditions will determine the what, and why of a particular cuisine. These foods are served in restaurants as well as homes with pride. There will usually be a well told story behind the selection. Agricultural conditions will sometimes play a significant role in the finished product. Some of the cuisine selected as specialties may be the same for another culture. The only difference could be the selection of seasonings which are …show more content…

The soup is made from ingredients from every part of the country. Onions, peanuts, squash, broad beans, chochosi (a type of legume), corn, lentils, beans, peas, and melloco come from the highlands while the fish and rice come from the lowlands and coast (Lotha, 2014).
Popular Beverage Items of Colombia and Ecuador
When traveling to Columbia, there are several specialty drinks that are native to the region. One who may prefer a non-alcoholic beverage may choose a Colombiana, a tamarind soda. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, rum tends to be the popular choice. According to South America (2014), “The Colombian rum is high quality and is likely to be drunk at night clubs. Unlike in Europe or North America where you can order a single drink mixed with rum, here it is generally served as an entire bottle” (p. 1). Colombians usually drink rum at a table in a group with over ice with a splash of lime. In Ecuador, canelazo is a widely popular alcoholic beverage. It is a spicy yet sweet drink that is served warm in the Northern Ecuadorian regions. According to Metropolitan Touring (2014), “It is made with water, cinnamon sticks (canela), brown sugar, an acid fruit juice such as naranjilla or lemon and aguardiente (fire water). A steaming glass of canelazo is very much appreciated in chilly Andean nights” (para. 4). A canelazo is poured into a short, thick glass then refilled throughout the fiesta to keep an Ecuadorian warm!
National Cuisines for Colombia and Ecuador

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