Personal Essay : My Cultural Identity Is Cajun

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Cultural identity are the things that make up who you are. My cultural identity is Cajun. Being Cajun is very unique. We eat different types of food, listen to certain types of music, and have certain traditions. I come from a very special family where everyone has each other’s back. They are very protective of each other and loving. There are a lot of distinct selections that show who I am but there are only a few major ones. First and foremost, there are many different types of food around the world that were discovered and founded by many distinct cultures. The food I eat, some may eat differently. For instance, not many people know what redneck soup is. When they see it, they may think that what’s in it is weird.But to me it’s a red soup with vegetables and meat that we cook all the time. One of the other biggest foods I like to eat in our family is my great grandmother’s famous chilli. You can’t buy it in stores, and if you don’t wing it just right, it’s not the same. There are so many recipes that have been passed down in my family, both meals and desserts, and everyone loves the famous chocolate pie. This recipe has been passed down for a good while now, and when you taste it,it tastes nothing like store bought chocolate pies. Many people in Louisiana love to eat gumbo, and they cook it in many different ways. In my family, not everyone cooks their gumbo the same, but my personal favorite is my dad’s. He usually never measures any of the ingredients exactly, he just

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