Cultural Adjustment And Its Effects On Society

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As the world continue to advance, traveling around the world has become common among people lives. In the past, traveling was not as important as in today’s life. People, nowadays, go abroad to find a better quality of life, such as a higher education, well-paid jobs, different places of entertainment, or maybe they need medical assistant not available in their country. According to that, recent studies have shown that the number of international students who are enrolled outside their countries has increased worldwide in the last decades. Almost all of them will face a phenomenon as soon as they go far away from their hometown, which is called cultural shock. However, learning the phases of cultural adjustment will aid to deal with the culture shock that many people have faced it in different ways, including Chinese, myself, and other international students.
Yaping Tang states in a 1996 essay, “Polite but Thirsty”, that there are many Chinese students who have come to the United States in order to do research or get an education, and they have faced an experience of dealing with culture shock. Chinese students, for example, have seen the difference between their country and the United States in the way that Americans are mostly directly in their response. Tang also observes that besides the difficulties in dealing with new culture, which Chinese students faced during their first year in the United States, they braved some psychological problems, as well. As a result of

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