Cultural Autobiography : My Life

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I was born in a small rural village in Western Nepal. A typical unprivileged society of Nepal, my then village was a consortium of poverty, illiteracy, and discrimination. I was a bit fortunate to have born in a middle-class family that could at least boast sufficient resources for subsistence and some savings. For people in my village, the most generous gift that god could bestow was the birth of a son, who, unlike a daughter, could continue the family generation. For my family, my birth meant their first child and a son. Being born as a son meant a straight pass to male identity and heterosexuality for me.
The two identities that I have possessed since my birth, of being a male and heterosexual, have played significant roles in shaping my beliefs and my perspectives. My cultural autobiography is a portrayal of how these two identities instilled different views, and how I redefined some of them at various stages of my life till now.
My male identity has always been a privilege for me since birth. Gender discrimination was very pervasive in the society that I was born and grew up. Had I been born as a daughter, I would not doubt that many privileges that I have enjoyed in my family, school, and society were tough, if not impossible to obtain. The widespread gender discrimination was itself a societal jurisdiction in ensuring that males were the superior part of the…
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