Cultural Characteristics Of An Intersex Child

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An intersexed child as a person that not one sex, male or female. They are born with either genetic makeup, reproductive organs or external genitalia that is not specifically male or female. Another term for intersex child is quote to spirit quote. Depending on the culture there are different views on the intersex individual. The Native American culture in the Euro American culture are drastically different on their views of the “two-spirit”.

In a Native American culture they embraced the two-spirit. They believe that “the function of religion is not to condemn or to change what exist, but to accept the realities of the world and appreciate their contributions to life. Everything that exists has a purpose." They value what the intersex child has to offer their society. The quotation mark to spirit" is a positive thing and special, they are viewed as an equal and respected. The native American culture sees them as possessing beauty and strength a combination of the characteristics of a man and woman. The culture seems to understand that the child has no choice in their formation and a child is not to be punished for something they were not in control of.
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In regards to the intersex tile it is viewed as a very negative thing. This child is repulsive and is a curse to the parents. The intersex child is worthless and some documented periods and time, Eliminated. The intersex child, even though they had no part in their physical development, is viewed as "the work of Satan",
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