Cultural Competency Statement

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I have had the pleasure of working in many diverse work settings over my lifetime, several of which allowed me to help students with their academic, personal, and social development. Throughout these experiences my persistence, initiative and above all, my desire to serve students has driven my success. I have no doubt these characteristics will continue to drive my success in this program. In every position, my greatest source of joy and motivation comes from being able to effectively support my students. Watching them learn something new, overcome challenges, or reach their goals always brings me the greatest sense of fulfillment. I have supported students in a variety of capacities such as answering homework questions, helping a student cope with the loss of multiple classmates, and others with their feelings of being unsafe in America. These moments, when my students trusted me with their struggles, are among my proudest accomplishments. With my future…show more content…
While serving in schools in the Monterey peninsula, I noticed the vast cultural differences between my students and I; thus, the resulting gaps in my understanding of their experiences and struggles. For this reason, I have taken initiative to further my cultural competencies. I traveled to Spain to immerse myself in a new culture and language. I joined the Community Engagement Committee at my current job, which allows me to organize and coordinate guest speakers who facilitate discussions on social justice issues. I take part in community table talks regarding race, religion, and inclusivity, and actively seek out cultural festivities in my community so I may better understand my students’ experiences. I have learned how to reflect on areas in my work that can be improved and implement changes accordingly. The cultural knowledge I have gained from these experiences will help me excel in this program and ultimately the students I
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