Cultural Experience Analysis

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In general, I believe that we like to think of ourselves as cultured human beings, having our own tastes, beliefs and personal identity. I also believe that many of us like to think that we have an understanding of the different cultures that surround us. The meaning of culture is a combination of a “person's life experiences drawn from their family, their community, their disability, their sexuality, their gender and their personal history”(5) and as such every person has a culture unique to them. And yet within our society the lack of easy access to a fair lifestyle reflects how as a whole we do not respect everybody’s unique culture and how we do not help nor encourage people to become independent and seize opportunities. For example, Miss X has found that people are apprehensive to allow her to take control of her life. It took her over 2 years for her to be considered for independent living, despite her capable abilities. She had to overcome her parents, and care groups to allow her to have her independence, although if she had not had her LD,…show more content…
I think that this shows something is fundamentally wrong with society, in our education, allowing people still- even if unintentionally- to be bias, especially with those like ourselves as medical students who are entering a profession that depends on strong communication skills with people from all walks of life. I believe this is something that should be addressed from a younger age, as even though none of us had ever had a bad experience with someone with a LD; we were initially worried about how to act and what to say, which now seems ridiculous. We have attributed much of this reaction to having such little knowledge and engagement about those with a LD, and such ignorance leads to apprehension or just treating people differently on a basic level, for no good
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