Cultural Influence Of The Arts

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My parents always raised me to believe that the arts are how we understand ourselves and everyone around us. Growing up in Appalachia, other´s opinion about the arts greatly juxtaposed mine. When you live in a community where it is common to live below the poverty line, it’s hard for most people to care about anything that isn’t considered useful. The mindset of those living in Appalachia is almost always, as put by one mountain woman, “Livin’s more important than schoolin’” (Constance Elam, Culture, Poverty, and Education in Appalachian Kentucky). However, Appalachia is not the only place with this mindset. Afghanistan people also tend to believe that the arts are less important than other things. However, I believe that a change in mindset would be beneficial to the advancement of these communities. Further incorporating the arts into Afghani and Appalachian culture can mold the growth of these communities as well as reshape the negative stereotypes associated with them. The influence of art has had a positive impact on the communities they flourish in. States such as New York and California, are as well known for their impact on social change as their encouragement of the arts. Artistic expression paints the path of social change by sharing an individual person or group’s experience with anyone who experiences their art. Sure, listing off any facts about a negative situation would allow people to know what was going on, but, as penned by Olafur Eliasson, “Giving people

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