Culture And Cultural Identity

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Cultural Identity is the aspects of someone’s life with self-conception of belonging to different groups. Meaning that we all are apart of different cultures, which plays a role in our everyday life. The groups I feel belonged to are sports, fashion and food. Playing sports have made a huge impact on my life. I’ve been playing sports for about 7-8 years. Though life all those years, I’ve played basketball, softball, volleyball and i ran track. I can honestly say those sports became a part of my life and have shaped my social skills tremendously. I get that drive and motivation from my mom, dad and big brother. Seeing them do things and be active made me want to be like that. Sports are required in my family. Over the year I’ve found my girly and trendy side of myself. I’m now more into fashion. Before I was very town-boyish, I didn’t really like to dress up and get all girly for a long period of time. Now, I embrace my culture and dress with the new trendy styles and my generation. There are so many trends, it’s crazy how many styles you can choose from. Getting dress is my favorite part of the day. I love to get dressed all pretty, get my hair and nails done. I buys my clothes based off of what I like and what I already have in my closet that I can pair it with. I’m a huge Jordan fan, I literally love shoe shipping. Fashion has become a huge part of my culture especially at my age right now.
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