Culture Transplant-Nummi Case

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A Great Experiment Of Culture Transplant Cross-culture management, Prof. Alfred Kieser XiaoJun Ma Culture is a set of basic assumptions, which shared solutions to universal problems of external adaptations and internal integration—which have evolved over time and are handed from one generation to the next. This is a general definition of culture. Actually there are many definitions exist, some concentrated on values, others on shared patterns of behaviors and meaning. And what we are going to talk about is the problems of transplanting practices, from one culture into another. There are different types of corporate culture just like there are different…show more content…
But usually, this failure is credited to lack of understanding about the strong role of culture and the role it plays in organizations, not because the culture does not play an important role in corporations. Actually this is one of the reasons why that many strategic planners now place as much emphasis on identifying strategic values as they affect strategy mission and vision. The facts of logic of industrialization, technology, striving for efficiency have risen the argument that whether organizations should be culture free or not. Too much consideration of culture in an organization could reduce efficiency of the organizations. And it seems like the industrialization and technology development have put the culture problems aside, the conflicts caused by culture different could be ignored in this case. But is this the real situation? First of all, culture affects the beliefs and values of people, and also, it decides the behavior of people, the information gathering method and communication type, decision making and so on, which are all critical in running business. So organizations are actually culture bound in spite of pressures for convergence of the facts of industrialization, globalization and so on. Practices that are transferred to another culture will take on characteristics of the new environment. The environment will select a part of the new culture which is better than

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