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A look back in Time Josh and Amanda sneak into the empty house. They had just gotten home from school where they had brought a mysterious brownie. The teenagers began to creep down the stairs into their dark, musty basement. They had heard about these brownies at school and decided to test them out. Amanda had tried one before and she believed that it made her feel amazing, made her feel on top of the world. Josh was ready to see how it would make him feel. The teenagers were ready for the time of their lives. They both took a bite when all of sudden… Twitch, Splat, Yelp…. While William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet shows that curiosity often leads teenagers to getting in trouble that could have been avoided, teenagers today still …show more content…

All they want to do is to explore. A couple of months ago, there was this huge company building that was not locked (Rawlins). Of course, if a teenager sees that, they are going to go in because their curiosity takes over. The kids ended up using a forklift that was in the building, crashed, and one of the teens ended up dying (Rawlins). One of the parents was upset due to the fact that “Kids are going to be kids. It should have been a little more secured… more security.” (Rawlins). This means that kids are going to be curious and adults should know that since they were kids once. Curiosity is instilled in every teen, in the 1600s and still today. There is no escaping it, but those acts that come from curiosity often have harsh consequences. Curiosity isn’t only a trait that is always present in teenagers, it’s actions are also very harsh, and could have been easily avoided. Many of the devastating consequences that come out of curious teens could have been easily avoided if the teens made a good decision rather than let their curious lead them. This is easily shown in Romeo and Juliet when Romeo becomes banished. Romeo had killed Tybalt and for that reason the Prince gave the punishment that “a gentler judgement vanished from his lips:/ Not body’s death, but body’s banishment” (Shakespeare 3.3 10-11). Romeo would not have been banished if he hadn’t gone to the party in the first place. That lead him not to fight while his friend Mercutio was

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