Current Ethical Issue in Business

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Current Ethical Issue in Business Your Name Here PHL/323 Date Here Instructor’s Name Here Globally, Wal-Mart is the second largest revenue generating company. It is surprising to see so many discriminating issues within the company. Women working for the company are consistently treated unfairly, yet other issues exist. It is as if Wal-Mart has fallen into the negative economic routine. The company is guilty of everyday social discrimination; gender discrimination is just one main focus of our discussion. The affects of gender discrimination affect how women are treated, their income, and company policies. Women’s Rights have been an ongoing issue since the beginning…show more content…
Ethics are present in households and in communities, which help individual’s decide what is right and wrong, and how to deal with situations. The same ethical standards that Americans expect from each other and that are taught to our children should not be left at the door when an employee punches in on the time clock. “Some companies are incorporating ethics into their training. It is a subject that can go hand-in-hand with business and when employees and CEO's alike understand what ethics are about, business can improve” (Curry, n.d.). Ethics and equality seem to work hand in hand with many people in the business world whom realize its importance. The major problem in the Wal-Mart class action lawsuit is that they failed to see the importance. The basis of the lawsuit is very simple, the women involved in this unsavory situation feel that their rights as individuals and employees have been violated. The discrimination at hand led them to be treated differently than their peers. The women involved in the discrimination lawsuit justly feel that they have the legal right to be treated the same as any other employee within the corporation. An organization's values, beliefs, and standards are manifested into its culture. The culture of an organization is what sets the tone for formal rules and norms of behavior (Trevino et al, 2011). A cultural change is needed when there is a large disparity between a company's written policy and the way that daily
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