Current Socio-Political Conditions and Legal Remedies in Ukraine

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In the current socio-political conditions of crisis, which has been acutely taking place in Ukraine in recent months, real citizens' ability to effectively implement the rights and freedoms are declared by the state takes on special significance. As we know, there are several levels of providing of the rights and freedoms: political, socio-economic and legal. The last is the normative basis in the process of the citizens' rights implementation. State, in the face of its authorized agencies and officials, has obligation to create appropriate conditions for the optimal functioning of the civil society institutions, in particular the ensuring of the high level of the rights realization, which is achieved via the number of legal remedies that forms an integral system. The mentioned system of legal remedies that promote realization, protection and restoration of the rights and freedoms, is a complex of the legal guarantees for providing human freedoms as a general obligation. By their nature, such legal remedies are divided into organizational, protective and defensive.
All legal remedies, are directed to realization of the rights and freedoms, are reflected in the formal legal and institutional forms. The first consists in the legislative regulation of the rights and freedoms, and the second - in the procedural guarantees, in the activities of the public and private agencies and organizations, which provide realization, protection and defense of the human rights and freedoms, as…