Curriculum For English Learners Beginner Level 2

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PROJECT BACKPACKER TEACHER OF TWO MONKEYS TRAVEL CURRICULUM FOR ENGLISH LEARNERS BEGINNER LEVEL 2 Written and Prepared by CECILIA LABJATA-HOBBS WELCOME Curriculum for English Learners Beginner Level 2, is designed with everyday English usage in mind. It is a curriculum that focuses on encouraging the learners to be confident in expressing themselves in English. This curriculum uses a fun approach to basic conversational English, stressing communication in a variety of situations, by introducing easy to remember vocabulary, and grammatical structures that are easy to understand and follow, in preparation for basic English writing. This is a personal curriculum, as we will be approaching the learner’s and the world…show more content…
OBJECTIVE: To give students the skills to introduce themselves and get to know their classmates. II. PROCEDURE: 1. Topic: Greetings & Self-introductions Lesson Grammar & Vocabulary. Discuss different phrases to use in greetings and goodbyes. 2. Vocabulary: nice, meet, you, what, is, name, how’s it going? 3. Grammar: Ask about a person’s name by learning the phrase ‘what is...’ Tell someone else your name in a new way. Practice naturally spoken English by using contractions. A. Phrases: My name is ________. My name is ________.. B. Contractions: I’m ________. C. Question Format What is…? / What is your name? What’s…? / What’s your name? (contracted form) D. Adjective & verbs in greeting: Glad / Glad (adj.) to meet(verb) you. (I’m glad to meet you.) Nice to meet you. PHRASES Sample Conversation A: Nice weather, isn’t it? . (Great party,) (Interesting class) B: Yes, it is A: By the way, I’m ________. A: Hi. How’s it going? (How are you doing?) B: Good. A: Hi. What have you been up to? B: Not much. I’ve been busy. A: Well, it was nice talking (chatting/seeing) to you. B: You, too. See you. (Alright, see you later.) 4. Handout the worksheet to the class and have them fill in the blanks with their information. Tell them they must also think of some questions that are
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