Customer Behavior And Retail Stores

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Customer behavior in retail stores usually deals with identifying customers and their buying behaviors. The studying of customers helps firms improve the strategies they should use by understanding who buys what, when, where and how. Identifying customer’s behavior must come before any thought of the reasons for their buying behavior. The amount of each item purchased relies on many reasons such as the number of consumers for whom the item is intentional for, storage requirements and facilities available, purchasing power and ready cash, unit of sale, and price. Store operations must be adjusted to connect with the customer’s time of purchase pattern. Store buyers and merchandisers must keep on schedule with it. Costco runs an…show more content…
There are also flowers that are displayed with current season type of flowers. There is jewelry that you can purchase next to the televisions. Scrolling further down to the back of Costco, you will then be introduced to the food section. You will see the bakery, meats, liquor, and frozen goods. In the center of the store that is where the clothing, books, children toys, and backyard equipment is located. To the left of the store, you can find boxed foods and sample counters that allow you to try the great food that is offer at Costco. To the bottom left of the store that is where you will find the cash registers also with the bathrooms, optometrist and the food court. As soon as you are leaving you are then having to wait to get checked once again. While you are waiting, that is where the advertisements are displayed. The layout of Costco has almost everything that customers need to purchase in the store from electronics to clothing to food. The aisles have a variety of items with lots of things in stock. Everything is fairly placed where it is needed to be. If you are only coming to purchase food, you will be presented with many items first before reaching the food section. It is a great idea to advertise their products since you might have a chance of purchasing the goods. While having samples available, this will make a customer try it and it will make the customer have a greater chance of buying something
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