Customer Lifetime Value and Return on Marketing

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Case Study: Conroy’s Acura: Customer Lifetime Value and Return on Marketing Case Summary: Conroy’s Acura was founded in November 1986 by Ross Conroy, a veteran of the car industry who also owned a General Motors dealership to open in Toronto and one of the first in North America. Located in downtown Toronto, Conroy’s Acura sold both new and pre-owned vehicles, and its service department was dedicated to Acura Products. Conroy’s Acura was an independently owned dealership that held a franchise agreement with Honda Acura’s parent company. It has been a successful company amidst the number of competitors since 1986. And now, it needs to create less expense or cost efficient strategies to increase the number of customers and most…show more content…
Driven to do better on what they do and getting a job done. Customer Lifetime Value The company’s CLV (Customers Lifetime Value), given the calculation, they purely rely on their customers dealership and sales of the car prices to maintain or increase their customers and get the attention of potential customers. With this, the company must think of a way to increase the number of customers by not only relying with their dealerships, sales and yearly maintenance. To get an increase of customers, they need to think of ways, or strategies. Another thing, with their CLV, they only focus on their loyal customers and to keep them for a lifetime rather taking other actions for increasing potential customers. Profitability Given their product prices though they are up to the competition in market, it is up to their innovations that would allow them to move forward in the market or fall behind the competitors. And, they must take into consideration to cut back their budget in advertising expenses knowing that they spend overall $120, 00 on it. Swot Analysis Strengths: S1. The Company is Profitable. The company generates good amount of profit with their prices, customer loyalty and advertising. With that, they will go all the way. S2. Conroy’s Acura has a good workforce. The Company has a democratic system where the opportunity to every employees and are not one-sided to the decisions of the management. S3. Many Clients,

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