Customer Service And Hospitality : Key Elements Within Any Business

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Customer service and hospitality are key elements within any business; however, if the business relies on a direct personal contact with the customer in relation to their capacity to sale product or service, then these elements become the primary components of success. When, one endeavors, to not only create, but also exceed the customer’s expectations, for their experience, they are establishing a relationship with that individual that potentially has long lasting positive effects for the business (Timm, 2013). Thus, my own recent personal experience relates easily the positive aspects of dealing with a hospitality business that provided me with an exceptional experience. Hence, I wish to share my remarkable adventure experienced with Specialized Travel Services in Dublin, Ireland last May. Let me begin by relating that this was my attempt to fulfill a lifelong dream for my eighty-five year old grandmother, which was to visit the never-seen country of her origin. It included my sixty-five year old mother, twenty-year old daughter, her twenty-two month old son, and me, forty–six years old, and all begins with a three-hour flight from DFW to San Francisco, to connect with a ten hour united flight to London, from which our do-it-yourself excursion begins. After, an exciting day and night in London, we continued a seven hour commute to Ireland via a train, then a ferry to a place of lodging we booked and thought to be near Dublin, Ireland, but, alas, turned out to be fifteen
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