Customer Service And The Outdoors

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Introduction Due to a strong commitment to customer service and the outdoors, L.L. Bean is recognized as a quality manufacturer and retailer of quality outdoor apparel. Likewise, the company’s focus on the stakeholders begins with caring for employees who in turn serve the customer which ultimately results in profits. L.L. Bean serves customers through multiple channels, but originally began, and continues to excel, in catalog sales. However, due to a changing operational environment, the organization needed to invigorate their business model. Using the total rewards program, the company was able to disperse new strategic goals throughout the organization leading to much needed change and revitalization.
Strengths and Weaknesses In
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In order to facilitate the expansion, the organization had to ensure the employees were provided both traditional and non-traditional benefits, allowing L.L. Bean to meet competitive demands and achieve organizational goals. Providing this compensation and benefits allowed the company to demonstrate care for the employees, which translated into customer service even though the channels expanded. In regards to the outsourcing concerns, the company strictly enforced fair benefits in their outsourced facility, even ending several contracts due to inadequate employee compensation. Additionally, L.L. Bean ensured the outsourced locations rewards programs fit the cultural needs as well.
Traditional and Non-traditional Rewards As mentioned, a key L.L. Bean response to their strengths and weaknesses was to provide a mixture of traditional and non-traditional rewards to the employees. In conjunction with base compensation, the organization provided performance-based bonuses, profit sharing, and healthcare benefits as forms of traditional rewards. These traditional awards are closely aligned to monetary awards since these benefits are commonly used and expected in today’s business environment. Although the effectiveness of monetary rewards is questionable, at minimum these rewards provide a direct reciprocity to the employee for their
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