Customer Service and Innovative Widgets

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Manage quality customer service
Presented to: Darren Creed
Assessment 3

Name: Jacinta Butterworth
Date: 20 March 2015

1. Develop a set of Key Performance Indicators for your Innovative Widgets customer service representatives. KPIs should address all the areas of customer and business requirements identified
2. Develop a plan or procedure for monitoring team members’ performance again KPIs
3. Develop a questionnaire to collect customer feedback related to KPIs and/or designed to uncover identifiable gaps between services provided (including the quality of service) and customer expectations.
4. Must get at least 10 customers to complete the questionnaires to receive performance data and feedback from these customers
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Some examples of performance measures include;

Key performance indicators (KPI's): Are used as a measurable value to establish how competent the company is achieving key business objectives. Innovative widgets use's KPIs at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets.
Mystery shopper: A mystery shopper plays the role of a buying customer. The employees may be unaware of who the mystery shopper is. Using a mystery shopper is a great way for
Innovative Widgets to gain direct observation to monitor the level of customer service performance. To avoid ethical issues, informed consent for these monitoring practices should be put into place
Customer feedback: While often not applying to individuals may be taken into consideration when determining performance on a team level.
Balanced score cards: Balanced scorecards are used to record individual KPIs and are provided to employees at the commencement of the performance period to explain what they must achieve and what is expected of the individual. The balanced score card will consist of how it will

be measured. Scorecards are a useful tool for both managers and employees, as they can be referred to throughout the performance period to ensure that efforts are focused in the areas that have been identified as delivering the most benefit to the organisation.

Customer questionnaire are the most
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