Cut And Run Essay

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Cut and Run (1985) – Quecho - In this film, a reporter and her cameraman link a surviving Jonestown leader and a TV executive's missing son to a drug war where agents stationed in the jungle are being murdered by a native army and a seasoned assassin, who is portrayed by Michael Berryman. The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1985) – Pluto - This sequel to the film, "The Hills Have Eyes", tells the tale of the return of Pluto, again portrayed by Michael Berryman, and his murderous mutant family. Eight years after Bobby survives his harrowing ordeal at the site of the mutant-inhabited desert town, he returns to face his fears along with Ruby. He and Ruby now operate a Motocross shop and plan to return to the desert with a band of bikers that hte shop is sponsoring. Ruby, who initially helped to keep Bobby's family captive betrayed her mutant family, leaving the desert with Bobby. Unfortunately, Ruby's family emerges…show more content…
Michael Berryman portrays a Starfleet Display Officer in this popular science fiction film. Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III (1987) – Corporeal Catlett - Brady Hawkes and Billy Montana team up again to assist the Sioux in battling the government to procure the supplies they need, while discovering government corruption in an outpost, finding themselves in a precarious position. Michael Berryman portrays Corporeal Catlett in this action adventure feature. The Barbarians (1987) – Dirtmaster - Twin barbarians plan to take revenge on the warlord who murdered their tribe and captured the twins when they were children. The Dirtmaster, portrayed as Michael Berryman, forces the twins to work long hours in "the pit" while in captivity, where they train to fight as
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