Cvs Pharmacy Mission Statement

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CVS is a well-known pharmacy retailer that can be found in most states across the country. According to the CVS health website, CVS employs over 200,000 individuals. CVS is not only a pharmacy but offers everyday household items as well as other services such as photo developing and medical interventions such as urgent sick visits and immunizations. Based upon the information published in their “Our Story” portion of their website, CVS is focused on providing “affordable and effective” health care service that help creating positive changes in and assisting with managing health care behaviors.
I decided upon discussing CVS due to my recent experience with their pharmacy services, which seemed to oppose the mission statement that is supposed to
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From its first store that was opened in the 60’s, to the development of its mail-in pharmacy services to implementation of its minute clinics, CVS proclaims to be “committed to [their] customers, clients and communities” (, 2015). CVS provides a mobile app that is said to help individuals track their prescriptions and be able to obtain information about them such as their cost. Additionally, through the minuteclinic, if you are experiencing an acute sickness, you can see their practitioner who can prescribe medication in needed and it can be filled right their prior to you leaving the store. The pharmacists can provide you counseling about your disease process as well as the medication prescribed. These services fall in line with their strategic priorities, which based upon the website include: “accessible and affordable healthcare, support for patients with chronic diseases, and patient and customer wellbeing and safety.” Interestingly, the strategic priorities are central to their growth and development but do not seem to fall directly under their mission statement, which should be the focal point for these
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