Cyber Threats That We Face

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With the advent of what many refer to as the internet age, there have been numerous developments in the world as we know it and as time continues to pass, the developments keep on coming thick and fast. Over time we have arrived to an age where the use of computers and networks related to these computers has almost become commonplace. The advantages and benefits that can be drawn from these developments have been many and most of them have been welcome. Industries have been created, new markets have been created and the overall outlook could not be clearer. Simply put, the future looks bright as far as developments in the technological industry is concerned (Creery 215). However, with the massive improvements in the world of technology, …show more content…
Additionally, they transmit the data across their networks sharing this information and data with other users within or without their networks (Gordon 26). With the new and improved methods of guarding against these cyber-attacks, there has also been a growth in volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks as the perpetrators of these crimes come up with new and even more complex methods of carrying out their attacks.
Consequently, there is a need for the ongoing attention to be geared towards finding new and even better ways to protect businesses which are sensitive as well as personal information and once stringent measures are put in place to combat these cyber threats, this will go a long way towards safeguarding national security. There are three main principles of cyber security that are important for any organization. They include: confidentiality, that is, sensitive or confidential information has to remain that way and can only be shared with the appropriate users. The other core principle is integrity which implies that information must retain its integrity and should remain in its original and unaltered state. Finally, availability is the final principle of cyber security which implies that information and systems should always be available to those people who may need the information.
Experts in the field of cybersecurity all

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