Cyber Threats That We Face

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With the advent of what many refer to as the internet age, there have been numerous developments in the world as we know it and as time continues to pass, the developments keep on coming thick and fast. Over time we have arrived to an age where the use of computers and networks related to these computers has almost become commonplace. The advantages and benefits that can be drawn from these developments have been many and most of them have been welcome. Industries have been created, new markets have been created and the overall outlook could not be clearer. Simply put, the future looks bright as far as developments in the technological industry is concerned (Creery 215). However, with the massive improvements in the world of technology, the developments, the new and improved ways of doing things there has also come new vulnerabilities and problems. In this paper, I will analyze the different cyber threats that we face and highlight the factors that one ought to consider when developing cyber security policies.
The new technological developments have brought new challenges and cyber security is one of the biggest challenges yet. Cyber security is a very important factor that should always be considered for both individuals and companies to be in a position that they are able to protect themselves from malicious software developed by unscrupulous people from the web. Granted, it is a fact that most threats that affect computers emanate from the internet.
Cybersecurity can be…
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