Cybercrime Is Any Act Of Crime

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With the rapid growth of society, technology has been a huge asset to many. Since the online world has been a place where we can share our intimate moments, pay bills, watch movies or even shop without leaving the comfort of our homes, it has also become a place where predators lurk and commit unwanted acts without leaving their homes either. Cybercrime is any act of crime committed online and is one were thousands of people fall victim too every day. In the 2012 issue of police reported cybercrime in Canada it was said that “Asset violations accounts for 61% of police cybercrimes in just 2012 alone, which represent a total of 5,544 incidents” (Mazowita, "Police-reported cybercrime in Canada, 2012"). That’s showing that cyber-attacks…show more content…
It’s also an important topic because it allows society to understand the troubles police encounter when dealing with cybercrime.
For this paper I will be discussing how cybercrime effects society and what the challenges of policing cybercrime are. I will do so by, going in depth on the threat cybercrime has on society and pin point the different classes of it. This will include the risk factors on the victims as well as frequency and brutality that cybercrime has after one has fallen victim to a cyber-attack. I will also shed light on challenges the police encounter when dealing with cyber threats on society. The challenges that I will pointing out that police face when dealing with cyber threats are 1. when does the police have to consider the cyber threat a real crime. 2. Under-reporting, and 3. The law does not deal with trifles. After that I will further my research paper by elaborating on the literature review which would exemplify the empirical accomplishments and points of improvement; then proceed to use all my research to form a conclusion on whether a better tactic can be used to help the police decrease cybercrime. The type of literature that I will be using to further back up my points is going to be Stats Canada, journals, peer reviews and other course text books. The theories that I will be using to support my
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