DA Form 48430

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Recommendations: (1) All packets must have a DA FORM 4843. ORF packets will include an initial and final DA Form 4843; furthermore, the initial will minimally include a detailed list of attendees that the executors “reasonably” expect to attend (i.e. authorized guests, DOD participants, and self-paying guests) and a computed ratio. (2) Establish a unified ORF packet submission period. HQ USARPAC should publish an ORF policy for all users specifying a minimum submission period suitable to allow for a reasonable and appropriate packet review and approval. (3) Reduce the opportunity for Split purchases. For future ORF requests, the submission packet will include a proposed cost worksheet, detailing purchase requirements for all major categories of items and/or services. (4) To remove future misunderstanding regarding senior ORF …show more content…

(9) Prepare invitee lists using a validated and current guest roster. (10) SJA should provide a written legal opinion for each ORF packet. (11) Correct the cost sharing for self-paying guests. We found two cases of incorrect cost sharing, for the first, the command should reimburse the commander for his overpayment. In the second and different organization, the unit should collect from the outgoing commander a pro-rata share for his unreimbursed personal guests. (12) Obtain reimbursements for ORF funded meals from the benefiting support staff. (13) For the unauthorized lodging expenses, the ORF custodian should resubmit the ORF packet with the lodging item and obtain the AASA or SA approval. Best Business Practice: We recommend that HQ USARPAC adopt Army in Korea Pamphlet 37-47, Representation Funds of the Secretary of the Army, dated 4 December 2012 as the command’s start point for the drafting and issuance of a new command-wide ORF

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