Daedalus Mission Statement

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Do you like to dream the impossible? I do! And it was in one of this ‘Creative Thinking’ that I gave life to Daedalus University.
A joke, of course, there is not such an Institution and there will never be one. But my imagination was so focused and organized that I jotted down a few notes and here I am to write about them.

‘Daedalus’ is the name of my imaginary new Higher Education Institution where I am the President. Its name reminds me of the story of the maze cunningly built by Daedalus, just as metaphorically a new Institution should be built.

The ‘Daedalus’ mission statement sounds like this :
‘Our University mission is to prepare students not for their present but for their future. In order to achieve this difficult aim, students are taught how to deal with fundamental …show more content…

Which means no more subjects and discipline separated in boxes, no more physical separation of classes and hours. No separation of teachers’ roles. In ‘Daedalus University’ there will be multi-subjects and multi-projects which may include for example teachers switching from a lesson about American Geography to the History of the country to the Statistics of its population and so on.

Curriculum, materials and exams are self-organized. For example, we will let students decide what to study and how to do it. ‘Daedalus University’ will always insist on the importance of letting students be concerned with what is most meaningful for them.

Related to this we will replace some Educational Terms.
‘Experiments’ instead of exams because they will be an active way to show students’ skill.
‘Manipulative Syllabus’ instead of simply Syllabus because it will be always negotiable. The Syllabus, in fact, is analyzed every week and if it does not meet the students’ needs it is rewritten and reshaped accordingly.
‘Statements’ instead of Diplomas. Students will write them and ask the President to sign

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