Dairy Heifer Research Paper

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Two years ago, I started doing 4-H. I did not want to do it, but because of my little brother and all of his little reasons why he wanted to do it, I had to. We decided to do dairy heifers. When I first got mine, I hated it. It was ugly, mean, dumb, and smelly. The only time I have been around farm animals is when I am with my cousin. When I first started out with 4-H, I knew nothing about my animal. We keep our dairy heifers about five miles away from our house. Every morning and night we have to go feed and walk our heifers. It is harder than you think to walk a heifer. First you have to halter it, and it is not easy. Some days it would take us an hour just to try and halter it. Then you have to walk slowly with it to get it to calm down. It is also sometimes confusing to fed them. We have to measure our food when we feed them. We at least have to feed them 25 to 50…show more content…
Well, that is not true. Last year, I went to three dance camps, and they were very expensive, I went to Disneyland twice and also had other activities in the summer that I went to. I raised my money and saved it so I could do all of these activities. I earned my money by babysitting, doing yard work, cleaning my grandma and grandpas house, and 4-H. It was hard to choose between babysitting and hanging out with friends. I would always want to hang out with my friends, but I knew I needed to raise more money. Besides all of the activities in the summer, I also have to pay for all of my dance supplies and tuition during the year. And let me tell you, dance is very expensive! I worked my butt of this last summer so I could have a lot of opportunities with what I want to do in life and also have fun. I am also going to Disneyland with my sister again this summer and doing as much babysitting as I can so I can go at least two days. Doing all of these things have helped me work hard and be
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