Dance Of The Call Bells Essay

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When admitted to a hospital patients may feel they have little control over their situation and the surrounding environment. Using a call bell to meet their needs is perhaps one of a few things that gives patients a feeling that they still have some control. The title of the article Dance of the Call Bells: Using Ethnography to Evaluate Patient Satisfaction with Quality of Care, suggests that the key phenomenon of the study was the evaluation of patients’ satisfaction with quality of care they received in terms of their experience in the use of call bells (Deitrick, Bokovoy, Glenn, & Panik, 2006). The title did not describe the population, group or community under study, other than stating that the population was “patients”. The title did not state that phenomenon was also looked at and analyzed through perspectives of family members and staff, nor did it mention that the study was done on a med-surgical unit.
The abstract of the study clearly and concisely summarized the main features of the report. It stated that the study was conducted as a qualitative, ethnographic research. Then, it briefly described the problems associated with call bells and how these problems affected patients’ perceptions regarding the quality of care. It explained that the study identified three interrelated themes regarding communication through call bells including answering the call bell, communicating the patient’s request to the appropriate health care provider and following through with the

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