Daniel H. Pink's Theory

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Regardless of where I go, that one urge to develop myself will always be there. Motivation for me has been somewhat of a simple term until I discovered the different types. I feel as though I have a fair amount of control regarding my future career because I can’t take some classes just yet without getting into other classes. I have not very much control over if the class gets full or is not a good time to take or even require some prerequisites. The two motivations that have been discussed in the book “Drive” by Daniel H. Pink, come from inside and outside. As I already know that some of our motivation is going based off of our instincts as humans and other parts of motivation come from a reward or a punishment, but there has been a third type discovered that has explained the reason for wanting to grow as a person and it is known as motivation 3.0. I agree that motivation 1.0 and 2.0 are useful to an extent because of my experience with both types working then at some point being limited or losing motivation confirms it. Pink states that motivation 2.0 works but not that well and it is not something to rely on (P.19). I want to be a registered nurse and going based off of the …show more content…

Pink’s theory of motivation 3.0 is extremely useful because it sheds light on the type of motivation that seems to actually work so far. Motivation can come from various sources such as internally as something we know or are born to do or externally whether it is something we learn or develop. I plan to implement motivation 3.0 into my career field because it requires what motivation 3.0 has, I will need to practice, work on getting better and work on things after work is over. The goal that I have set for myself from what I’ve noticed will get me to the spot that I want to be in one way or another. There are different types of motivation but they can be compared to one

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