Dark Matter and Dark Energy

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Dark matter and dark energy are imperative links to the building blocks of our universe, yet presently we know so little about them. In reality scientist know more of what dark matter and dark energy could not be than what it could be. Dark matter and dark energy are two utterly separate components, but work together as one unit. Dark matter is what holds the universe together, and dark energy is what draws the universe apart. However without both dark matter and dark energy our universe would not exist. Dark Matter is revealed in many ways and one example of dark matter in action is how it holds our galaxies together. This is known because even though dark matter does not emit or absorb light or electromagnetic radiation, it does exert a gravitational force upon other galaxies, stellar clusters, and many other substances through the universe. One example of how amazing dark matter is is how it exerts a gravitational force upon stellar clusters. Stellar clusters are clusters of individual stars that move at rapid speed that are gravitationally bound. But it has been scientifically proven that the individual stars are moving too fast to be held together by the gravitational attraction of other stars. In this case dark matter provides the extra vigor that is needed.
Dark matter is a puzzling theory; we can not see it, hear it, or feel it yet some astronomers declare that it exists. Astronomers are striving to find concrete evidence for dark matter other than the

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