Darwin: The Man Who Changed the World Essay

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Darwin: The Man Who Changed the World On February 12, 1809, a boy was born who would change the face of science, religion, and ethics around the world. His name was Charles Robert Darwin. Darwin’s father was a doctor, and he was already forty-three by the time Charles was born at The Mount in Shrewsbury, England. Charles’ four siblings were Marianne, Caroline, Susan, and Erasmus. He was a bright but mischievous boy who made up crazy stories. Sadly, when he was only eight, his mother died, and his sisters were given charge of the household, while his father became more withdrawn than ever. He didn’t enjoy school much, probably because he was taught the classics and did not have an appreciation for them. However, five years later, …show more content…

Interestingly, around this time Darwin sat through a geology lecture and found it so incredibly tedious that he vowed never to pursue it in the future! By the time Darwin ended his second year at medical school, he had quit for good. His next endeavor was to study to become a preacher, at Cambridge in 1827, but he again did not apply himself, instead choosing to party and catch beetles. It was at this time that he began to become involved with Fanny Owen, daughter of William Owen. However, in a few years they broke up because apparently Darwin was no sentimental lovebird but instead was overly absorbed in his beetle-catching. Though Darwin was not fully attentive to his studies, he did eventually pass his final exam 10th out of 178 students. After leaving Cambridge, he began reading about natural history and gained a passion for it, planning an expedition to the Tenerife Islands. Unfortunately, the friend who was supposed to accompany him on the adventure died, bringing Darwin’s plans to a screeching halt. Providentially for Darwin, on August 29, 1831, Darwin came home, finding a letter detailing an invitation for Darwin to join an expedition to South America on the HMS Beagle. Though his father had initial qualms about the plan, within a few days his support was secure and in three months Darwin was off on the adventure of a lifetime. Well, his lifetime, anyway. Darwin became seasick soon after embarking, and had to sleep

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