Data Collection Methods Used And How Did They Align With The Focus Of The Research?

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1. What were the key data collection methods used and how did they align with the focus of the research?
After reading the article Utilizing goal setting strategies at the middle level: Help students self-regulation behavior I found there were three different data collection methods that were used by the research team. The first data collection method that was used was pre and post surveys. “Surveys are one of the most common and efficient ways to gather information. They provide large-scale responses very fast and can be utilized very efficiently and with minimal expense and can be easily and quickly analyzed” (Efron & Ravid, 2013, p. 107). The research team gave the students that participated in the research project a survey before the research project started and then again at the conclusion of the project. They asked the students question from the Adaptive Learning Scales. This survey “examined how student learning is related to motivation, behavior, and effort” (Patel, Smith, Fitzsimmons, Kara, & Detmer, 2012). The second data method that was used was the daily goal journals that the students were asked to fill out. These goal journals was developed using the six specific goals that were created by the research team. The students were asked to take notes on how they felt they were doing moving toward their goals (2012). The last data method that was used was the weekly reflection sheet. There were seven items on this reflection sheet that asked the students
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