Database Management Systems That Are Used For Non Relational Database

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NoSQL is generally interpreted as “Not only SQL” [1]. It is a class of database management systems that are used for non-relational database. Typically NoSQL database does not use two-dimensional table to store data. The four generally categories of NoSQL database are key-values database, column databases, document databases, and graph databases [2]. NoSQL database is an indispensable part of big data. Most company choose NoSQL database because it yields better performance when compared to relation database. Many relational databases have been existing for more than 20 years, while most NoSQL databases have a history of less than 5 years. Because NoSQL databases are so young, they exposes lots of security issues. Many NoSQL databases are still focusing on adding features and improving performance, while strength security mechanism is still a low priority task. There were already two data breaches happened in companies that are using NoSQL databases (MongoHQ in 2013 and LinkedIn in 2012 [3]).
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NoSQL database characteristics
The problem of relational database is that its performance degrade significantly while handling exponential growth of semi-structured data or unstructured data [4]. The NoSQL databases possess properties called BASE (Basically available, Soft state, and eventually consistent) that makes it much more scalable than relational databases. As the CAP theorem [5] said, a database system cannot have high consistency, high availability,

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