The Reliability Of Data Migration

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Reliability of Data Migration Over many ago relational databases reside most of the data but after the introduction of NoSQL database had changed this procedure. Most of the unstructured data had been sent to NoSQL database. Relational database systems, which showed good performance before the birth of internet and cloud computing era is now unable to control the heat of new technologies. To stabilize this situation new requirements were set to design by RDBMS. To meet these challenges they need highly scalable and unstructured data model with high performance; so they choose NoSQL database (Muhammad Mughees, 2013).
Two components were suggested for the architecture which uses data tacking protocol. They were “Local Conceptual Mapping …show more content…

This technology provides good results without normalization of data. The schema free approach of NoSQL makes it easy to make changes dynamically. It is highly scalable and high availability of NoSQL data model is beneficial in designing a tool for data migration from relational model to NoSQL database.
The data cleansing process is suggested for data migration as it handles the business validation but NoSQL database do not have any such concepts which handle business rules. The cleansing process follows relational database constraints and normalization. This process is required when a data is sent from heterogeneous environment with undefined data types in target location. As we all know the migration of data means to move the exactly the same data from source to destination with authentication. For this if we make NoSQL database meets certain requirements with some changes in its model such as uniqueness of data then migration could be possible [6].
Thus, it seems data migration from relational database to NoSQL database seems difficult but not impossible

Selecting the suitable NoSQL database
Many NoSQL databases were developed for their feasibility like couch DB, Mongo DB and many others. So, it became challenging to choose one among them which meets all the requirements for the feasibility of data migration. For selecting the NoSQL database we need to do a lot research on the pros and cons of those, comparing

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