De Escalation Case Study

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Willingboro Public Schools
Willingboro Alternative Education Program
De-escalation Room Guidelines

The purpose of the guidelines is to provide procedures for the use of a safe room as a student behavior intervention.

A de-escalation room can only be used according to the procedures outlined in the guidelines.
If a student is exhibiting unacceptable or disruptive behaviors, but does not present a danger to himself or others, the student should be sent to A-12 for a prompted or unprompted break, and allow student the opportunity to calm down.

III Definitions
A. De-escalation Room:-Used for de-escalation for behavior that could potentially result in injury to self or others. This is not a consequence for behavior …show more content…

 Length of time in safe room.
 Person responsible for supervision of student while in safe room.
 Follow-up Plan: Include plans for prevention of future incidents. Ex. Behavior plan/counseling etc.

V. The De-escalation form is then placed in students file. A copy shall be given to the Asst. Principal for their review and sign off.
VI. If the student receives special education services and the de-escalation room is used on an emergency basis more than twice a month or a student’s pattern of behavior is emerging that interferes with the achievement of the student’s educational goals and objectives, a team meeting must be called with the case manager and parent to determine the appropriateness of the placement.
Vll. If a student receiving special education services requires the availability/use of the de-escalation room on an on-going basis, the student should have a (BIP) included in their IEP.
Vlll. If a regular education student shows a need for the use of the de-escalation room on an emergency basis more than twice in a month, a parent/guardian meeting is required along with a review of behavioral incidences and interventions in order to determine if a special education assessment is

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