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De Havilland Inc. Case Report Date of submission: February 2, 2010 Executive Summary: Marton’s suitability as a Vendor for De Havilland must first prove that its proposal is realistic in price and does not lack any important elements to efficiently supply the flap shrouds and equipment bay doors to De Havilland. Once that is clarified, De Havilland must ensure that Marton’s is a viable entity that can perform its duties on a long term basis, provide the necessary warranties and guarantees as well as perform to the service levels De Havilland is receiving from their current supplier. In order to not jeopardize any production levels at De Havilland it is recommended that De Havilland use both, their current supplier Dollard…show more content…
It would be important to understand the current process that exist with Dollard Plastics, capture the total cost of doing business with the current supplier and compare it to Marton Enterprise. The most expensive bid received is from the current supplier. Dollard Plastics has the experience and understands the requirements of doing business with De Havilland. De Havilland would most likely not respond to the RFQ without making sure all the documented steps of delivering the materials and the pricing structure is in check with what was requested in the RFQ and previously done in the past. The paper does not provide any information on delivery (i.e. lead times and FOB), type of materials used, labor charges and other key performance indicators (KPI’s) of the current situation with Dollard Plastics in order to equally compare the two proposals. Prior to moving forward with any recommendations to the Source Selection Board (SSB) it would be important to consider some factors on the Marton Enterprise bid:  Does the proposal fulfill all the specifications initially requested in the RFQ?  What is the current Supplier’s lead time, warranties and any other monetary incentives and how does it compare to Marton’s bid proposal.  Was the bid, received by Marton, sent by an individual that can bind the organization? Once the Marton bid has gone through its due diligence, we can then

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