Dealing With Cross Cultural Employee Problems

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Summary/Background: Dealing with cross-cultural employee problems can be very sensitive to resolve because they can easily cross into allegations of discrimination and hostile work environment. In accession, where there are employees, there will invariably be employees. The directors are the unavoidably drawn into the resolution of employee problems. The employees can accept problems with other employees or with their supervisors. Since cross-cultural employee, problems can be particularly sensible to settle. There is the possibility that an employee will perceive the problem as inciting discrimination or creating a hostile environment. Thus, the system can serve to guide the directors through the legal and policies directed at preventing…show more content…
Moreover, since many of the employee problems rooted in the informal and social networks of the employees. A manager can understand the nature of the problem by interpreting the kinetics of the everyday culture and societal news. Emotional intelligence and the seven factors of resilience will provide competencies for an effectively moving beyond the intense emotional discussions. Since the cultural competence, model extends the power of emotional intelligence and resilience into the new cultural dynamics that are emerging as demographics drives cultural changes in society and organizations to levels experienced for the first time. Defining the Types of Employee Problems: “Cross-cultural employee problems can be sorted into two organizational relationships: the relations of the employee with other employees and with the supervisor-employee relationship.” These troubles may originate from a simple cause or a manifest by themselves differently because of the authority relationship inherent in the “supervisor-employee relationship.” Irresolvable Employee-To-Employee Problems: For such problems, the only management solution is to make explicit to the employees that expected behavior and the consequences of not correcting the inappropriate behavior. Nowadays, if the behavior continues, the manager should realize the problem is starting to get worse and be set up to follow through with organizationally approved sanctions. Besides, most
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