Decision Making Is A Major Job Tasks For All Managers

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Decision-making is a major job tasks for all managers. When making decisions that impact people’s everyday lives such as salary, vacation and job tasks the decision making process is even more important. Leaders must be strong willed and must have support of subordinates when making life-altering decisions (Maxwell, 2013). Being in education I deal with decisions being made about my job with out my input daily. The government constantly makes and alters decisions that affect my observations, curriculum and everyday job tasks. This type of decision-making is called autocratic decisions. Yuki (1990) states that autocratic decision-making is where the leader makes a decision without asking subordinates. However, autocratic decision-making is not the lone procedure when making decisions within an organization. Decisions procedures also consist of consultation and group decisions (Yuki, 1990). Throughout this paper we will be discussing the three decisions producers in relevance with the Alvis Corporation text. The first decision procedure is the autocratic decision. As stated earlier the autocratic decision is where the leader makes a decision without consulting his subordinates. When a leader makes an autocratic decision one must explain their decision to his subordinates and then sell it (Vroom, 2011). This is very critical to the process because if one cannot sell it and make their subordinates believe then it cannot be carried out (Vroom, 2011). An autocratic decision often
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