Dee724 Advantages And Disadvantages

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Gurlabh Singh Assignment 1 for DEE724 (V1) Ans ­1¬ There are some advantages of RTOS over GPOS below: ¬  RTOS Advantageous because of its time sensitivity nature.  As it responds promptly on given input & provide precise output.  It has very short waiting time duration in ( I S R ) Interrupt  RTOS more likely arrange all tasks according to their priorities & the importance of tasks so the task scheduling is very efficient in RTOS  It has been designed in such a way that it has ability of multitasking simultaneously & it can process or run multiple tasks and can complete various activities at once. the speed depends upon the core of processor so if you have good processor the output will be even quicker  However it can also interact…show more content…
uKoS - Available - uKO MANUFATURER GNU GPL -Cortex - M3 - M4 - M7, 6833 x, PIC, CSEMicyflex -1, STM32 2. Atomthreads - Available - BSD-GITHUB - AVR , STM8 , ARM , MIPS 3. Apache Mynewt - Available - Apache2.0 - ARM Cortex - M , MIPS32 , Microchip PIC32 , RISC-V 4. eCOS - Available - eCos Technology ltd.- Power Pc , SPARC , RISC(open) 5. Windows CE - Available – Microsoft - X86, ARM 6. MS computing - Available - Microsoft - Invisible , 13860, Trimedia , H8 Ans ­ 3…show more content…
some features of RTOS are-  Consume very less space  Multitasking enhancement (Advanced)  Consume very less power. Here is some factors why it is considering good for embedded systems  It can change its size & it is scalable also it is extremely
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