Defining A Successful Education Program

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Defining a Successful Education
A successful Education can be defined by the achievement of personal goals in higher education. It is important to stay true to myself keeping my goals aligned with my vision of becoming an elementary school teacher by developing a clear education plan. As well acknowledge my need to stay motivated in order to complete and succeed in my academics. By having a support system using the resources provided by my educational institute. Successful education is having intricately arranged elements consisting of a solid support system, as well as being an outstanding student and achieving my personal goals. Successful education is achievement of goals both personal and academic completion.
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For example I took counseling 120 last spring. My first thoughts were that this class was just a filler more so tedious. Until I broke open the book and involved myself in it. I gained a different perspective, additionally I learned many new interesting things about myself that would aid me in achieving a successful education. The most helpful thing I learned was my learning style. I retain more by visually and engaging myself by doing it over. Also, being active on campus and staying informed. In addition to develop into an exceptional student it is equally important to continue to strive to accomplish my goals.
It is important to realize, in order to achieve a successful education, it is important to establish a valuable support system. At Grossmont College, there are many places I can go for guidance. I mapped out my education plan with my counselor in order to take the classes necessary for my educational goal. -I did not want to take random classes and waste time. I set up an appointment with my counselor Scott Barr. I went into his office with “my” plan that was to major in child development. I love working with children, it seemed like a clear cut choice to major in child development. He asked me a few basic questions. “What do you want to do?” easy question I answered “I would like to work with children and major in child development” Scott broke it down to me, since he knew that I am a single mother raising a two year old boy. He pulled out a paper and

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