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Love is a virus -Maya Angelou
Happy, sad, thankful, interested, lucky, frustrated, cheerful, pleased, comfortable, confident, and infatuated are all feelings. Coming and going, feelings are temporary and conditional. Supposedly, love is unconditional, so it’s not a feeling. Love is a lifelong commitment, like a virus.
Romantic love is commonly the first type of love that comes to mind. However, the epitome of this promise is not a husband or wife, it is God. He chooses to have love for everybody, sending his only son to die on the cross to prove it. Despite their actions, his devotion to each human does not diminish. He is proof that love is not always mutual. Although some claim to hate God and all religion, he refuses to …show more content…

However, college was approaching fast, and both of them had completely different ideas for the future. Growing up a lot her senior year, Kelsey had big plans for the future. On the other hand, Mark was showing no motivation to pursue any goals. Dragging him alongside her, Kelsey helped him get into the same college. Unfortunately, the first year he dropped out, without consenting her. He just up and disappeared with no note, no text, and leaving no sign he would ever come back. Days passed, soon months, and eventually six years. Trying to move on, Kelsey had been with Luis for a year now. If someone were to ask, she would deny ever loving Mark and complain how it was such an unhealthy relationship compared to the one she’s is now. After working her evening hours as a RN, she went home to relax. “Ring, Ring, Ring,” the number coming across the landline didn’t ring a bell. “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz,” her cellphone vibrated in the pocket of the sky blue scrubs that hung off of her bony, pale body. After three times ignoring it, she became annoyed, “Hello.” “Can you meet me at the park down the street at 9 tomorrow?” the voice was familiar. “Mark?” her heart dropped in her chest. “Yes, please Kelsey,” his voice cracked as heat rushed to Kelsey’s forehead. “Yeah, Bye,” and the phone went to …show more content…

It’s used as a replacement word for infatuation or happiness. This is why it has become a common fear to lose love, but it is irrational because love cannot be lost, but feelings are always lost, so it is and unrealistic goal to never lose a feeling. The honest definition of love is a lifelong commitment to positive emotional attachment to another. It doesn’t mean that feeling of happiness and pleasure will always be felt towards that person. Not being temporary, even if it isn’t being outwardly expressed, it is still in mind, and it will never fully

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