Definition Essay: What Is Being Proactive?

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The first habit, is all about being proactive. “What does being proactive even mean?”, you might be asking. Well, being proactive means being proactive means solving a problem before it's even created, it means getting ahead, and thinking of the future. Many people get stuck in this curse called ‘procrastination’, don’t let the name fool you, it's really easy to get out of this curse and get your life on track. As my Mentor (Mr. Dufford, president of Altech Machining INC.) said, “Procrastination is about as ‘polar opposite’ to being proactive. Waiting & reacting to situations that arise usually leads to not so favorable decisions because you are forced to do something with less time to think it through.” I couldn’t agree more, it's always best to be ahead than fall behind.
Some ways to help you be more proactive. Start simple, like simply doing your homework or doing your chores instead of playing video games. Take responsibility for your actions. Remember, if you don’t do your school work, you will not graduate, and if you don’t graduate, you won’t have a job, and with no job, well… you’re screwed. But it doesn’t have to be that way, only you can make a difference in
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It's really straightforward, everybody has goals, but in this habit, you need to write your goals down. As it stated in the book (7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens) writing your goals down can have a huge impact. It states that writing your goals down can help you notice more ways to accomplish your goal, or more tools to use to get there. It also might help discover some new talents of yours. Also, take advantage of the tools you have right now, go over your list of goals every week, and well, just do it. You should also work on turning weaknesses into strengths, work on things that you’re not particularly good at. Because they might come in handy in the future. And remember to always have a backup plan just in case something goes
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